Rates & Dates

We have some trips that have room for a few more guests.

Dates with openings:

June 26-July 2. Backpacking.

July 14-20. Backpacking.

August 18-23. Backpacking.

August 26-30. Backpacking.

Still have plenty of other spots for day-fishing or complete Winds trips.

Day Fishing trips:

$565/$630 for one/two.

Fly fishing a mountain stream under classic Wind River cliffs.

Five-day Expedition:
$2650 per person.

One-week Expedition:
$2900 per person.

Ten-day Expedition:
$3850 per person.

Horseback Trips: Add to expedition rate above when:
Riding in and out (4 or more people): $1200 to $2000 per person.

Riding (1 or 2 people): $2000 to $2500 per person.

Walking (groups of 4 or more): $800 to $1200 per person.

Walking (groups of 1 or 2): $1200-$2100.

All horse costs based on the number of horses used.

Shorter mountain trips: Please call to discuss. We do them.

Drift Boat trips: We guide the Bighorn in the Thermopolis area. Same rate as day fishing.

Hourly rate: $90 for lessons and instruction. 

Cost covers everything except licenses, gratuities, and lodging/meals before and after trip.
50% Deposit required for booking
Balance: Due upon completion of trip
Cancellations: Your deposit is non-refundable unless we can fill your place

Click here for a downloadable reservation form in pdf.

Download our equipment list for backpacking or horse pack trips in pdf.