Walking/Pack Trips

Wind River Range log crossing.

For those who want to walk into the Wind River Range, but do not want to carry a big pack, we often use packhorses or llamas to carry our gear.

Around the evening fire on a Wind River Range pack trip.

We usually will walk into a basecamp area (anywhere from five to fifteen miles), where the pack animals will drop our equipment. They will leave and will meet us again at the end of our trip to take our gear out of the mountains.

Fly fishing for golden trout in an alpine lake.

Generally, we can carry a bit more stuff to make the camping life more comfortable. We also bring fresh food, producing meals like you would have at home. These trips are ideal for almost everyone. For those who like to walk in the mountains (without the burden of a full pack), this style trip is perfect for you.

Equipment list for horse pack trips in pdf.